Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Eli - Judge & High Priest

Introduction: There are few men in the Bible in whose character we cannot find some great and glaring flaw. There is usually a dead fly in the ointment, a rent in the garment or a spot on the whitest robe. Eli loved and delighted in God's service but was faulty in one point. He failed to exercise the proper authority of a parent over his children.

I. Tenderness with children (I Samuel 3:6)
   A. Very patient

II. Spiritual perception (I Samuel 3:8)
   A. Ability to sense God at work

III. Parental indulgence (I Samuel 3:13)
   A. Restrained not his sons

IV. Submission (I Samuel 3:18)
   A. Surrender to God's Judgement

V. Unfaithfulness in Stewardship (I Samuel 2:29)
   A. Follow God's direction

VI. Spiritual Solicitude (I Samuel 4:13)
   A. Anxious-Worried

VII. Sudden death (I Samuel 4:18)
   A. Shock of Sons deaths
   B. Loss of the Ark of the Covenant
   C. Died of a broken neck and a broken heart 

(C)2003 Pastor Lockard's Living on the Bright side Ministries

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