Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Reluctant Missionary

I. Sent to a foreign field. {Jonah 1:2}
  a. A needy people.

II. Sought to flee an unwelcome duty. {Jonah 1:3}
  a. Rebellion Evident.

III. Overtaken in flight. {Jonah 1:14-17}
  a. Swallowed by a whale.

IV. Finds God's presence. {Jonah 2 - Psalm 139:10}
  a. No hiding from God.

V. Proceeds on Mission of warning. {Jonah 3:1}
  a. Preaching with clarity & action.

VI. Disappointed by success of message. {Jonah 3:5}
  a. Far reaching successes.

VII. Reveals his bigotry in lamenting. {Jonah 4:1-3}
  a. Displeasure at response. 

VIII. Taught a lesson of the breadth of His love. {Jonah 4:4}

(C)2003 Pastor Lockard's Living on the Bright side Ministries

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