Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Joshua: Jehovah is Salvation

His Character One of:

I. Faith (Num. 14:6-8)
  A. Makes us Optimists      

II. Consecration (Num. 32:12)
  A. Unconditional Surrender

III. Spiritual Mindedness (Jos. 3:5)
  A. He knew God was in control.

IV. Godly Reverence (Jos. 5:14)
   A. Prostrate before Him.

V. Courage (Jos. 10:25)
  A. Enemy Under our feet.

VI. Obedience (Jos. 11:15)
  A. Followed through

VII. Decision (Jos. 24:15)
  A. The choice is yours.

VIII. Wisdom (Due. 34:9)
  A. Fear of the Lord.

Roles He Played:

As a Son:  

Nun was his father . The Name means Prosperity!

As a slave:  

He had witnessed the moral and social degradation of his country men, as a consequence He became a great leader!

As a soldier: 

He knew how to plan campaigns, disciple forces, use spies and pray.

As a Servant:

Because of his unswerving loyalty and devotion he is called the servant of Moses.

As a spy: 

He brought back an optimistic report.

As a savior: 

At the age of 85 Joshua led the people into Canaan.

As a Statesman:

He dealt magnanimously with all whom he met.

As a Saint:
He was filled with the Spirit (Due. 34:9)
He Enjoys The Presence of God. (Jos. 1:5)
He was obedient to the Word and will of God (Num. 32:12) (Jos. 5:4)

Companion to Caleb…. Successor to Moses…. Friend to God…. He died at the age of 110.

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