Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Man who had a mind to work

INTRODUCTION: Born in exile but grew up in the faith of Israel. Cup Bearer to the King Artaxerxes. Maintained confidential access to the king.

I. Had a mind to work (Determination) Neh. 4:6

II. Worked with his mind (Ingenuity) Neh. 4:17-18

III. Minded His work ( Persistence) Neh. 4:21

 A. Patriotism (Neh. 1:1-4)
  1. Loyal - Trustworthy - Well Qualified

 B. Prayerfulness (Neh. 1:5-11, 4:4)
    1. Reliance and dependence on God.

 C. Faith (Neh. 2:20, 4:14)
   1. God will prosper us

 D. Courage (Neh. 4:20, 6:10-11)
  1. We have the Power.

 E. Diligence (Neh. 4:21-23, 6:3)
   1. Kept right at it.

 F. Executive Ability (Neh. 4:13-20)
    1. Delegated Responsibility.

 G. Firmness in the Right (Neh. 13:11)
  1. Put them in their place.

 H. Earnestness in reform (Neh. 5:13)
  1. God does the sifting.

Hostile Methods directed against him:
1) Redicule - Neh. 2:19
2) Fear - Neh.4:8
3) Guile - Neh. 6:2-4
4) False Accusation - Neh. 6:5-7

Josephus says that Nehemiah died of old age (B.C. 413) and that the repaired walls of the city constituted his best and most enduing momument.
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