Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Peter - A Rock or Stone

1] He was a son of Jona [Matt. 16:17]
2] He had a brother Andrew [John 1:40]
3] He was under the foster care of Zebedee [Matt. 27:56]
4] He was an unlearned man [Acts 4:13]
5] He was an expert fisherman [Luke 5:5]
6] He was a married man [Matt. 8:14, Mark 1:30]
7] He was accompanied by his wife [1 Cor. 9:5]
8] He had a Galilean Accent [Mark 14:70]
9] He had a large home [Mark 1:29]
10] He is introduced to Christ [John 1:40-42]
11] He confesses Christ Lord [John 6:66-69]
12] He experiences the transfiguration [Matt. 17:1]
13] He denies the Lord [Matt. 17:1]
14] He is among the first to the tomb [John 20:1-6]
15] He gathered in the upper room for baptism [Acts 1:13]

Before Conversion:
1] Impulsive [Matt. 14:28-17:4]
  A. I Can Do it
2] Presumptuous [Matt. 16:22]
  A. To Know more than the Lord
3] Cowardly [Matt. 14:30]
  A. Fear takes possession of him.
4] Self-seeking [Matt. 19:27]
 A. What do we get out of it

After Conversion:
1] Spiritual Insight [John 6:67-68]
  A. We have no where else to go
2] Confessed his faith [John 6:69]
  A. He is Lord
3] Courageous & Unmoveable [Acts 4:19]
  A. We stand for God and right

Peter was put to death in Rome in the year 61 AD hanging on a cross upside down because he deemed himself unworthy.

(C)2003 Pastor Lockard's Living on the Bright side Ministries

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