Thursday, April 13, 2017

Sunday School Teachers

1. They should be enthusiastic: After all if the teacher is not excited growth will not occur. When you go to the class do so with a lively step and a buoyant spirit!

2. They should never lack proper training in the word: Remember the teacher is there to instruct. To simply read from the quarterly is inadequate. Study to show thyself approved - Pray without ceasing!

3. They should have an interest in souls: Remember he that winneth souls is wise. To be so lack luster that people are turned off could mean their eternal destiny!

4. They should step out frequently to encourage absentees and potential enrollees: Remember needy souls are everywhere! You will find them in the gutter or the high echelons of society!

5. They should be organized: The proper introduction; A well illustrated middle and a eye catching ending. Your lesson should be such that pupils will look forward to returning!
In Jesus;
W. Scott Lockard

© 2009 Pastor Lockard's Living on the Bright Side Ministries

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