Monday, April 10, 2017

8 End time Signs (Part 1)
  1. Increasing world conflicts accompanied by pestilence and famine. (Matt. 24:7)
  2. Economic perils such as the nations have never known. (Ezek. 7:19)
  3. Religion becomes a matter of form. (2 Tim. 3:5- Rev. 3:16-17)
  4. Many will not endure sound doctrine. (2Tim. 4:3-4)
  5. Hellish war devices developed (Joel 2:3)
  6. Hebrew language revived after being long dead. (Zeph. 3:9)
  7. Revival of Roman Empire (Dan. 2:40-45)
  8. Russia and Germany as one attempt grab riches of Palestine. (Ez. 38:1-6)

Rev. W. Scott Lockard

©2005 Pastor Lockard's Living on the Bright Side Ministries.

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