Monday, April 10, 2017

Accuracy of Bible Prophecy #1

1. Israel would become a nation in one day.
Prophesied - Isaiah 66:8
Fulfilled - May 14, 1948

2. Israel would gain control of Jerusalem.
Prophesied = Joel 2:32
Fulfilled - June 1967

3. Weapons produced could destroy the world.
Mark 13:20, Rev. 9:18

4. The Gospel must be published in all the world.
Mark 13:10

5. Israel would be confronted by a great power from N/ Magog.
Ezekiel 33:15-16

6. Nation established in far east of Israel (fields army of 200 million).

7. Economic Alliance Established (From Old Roman Empire).
Dan. 2:44
Fullfilled - European Common Market

Rev. W. Scott Lockard

©2004 Pastor Lockard's Living on the Bright Side Ministries. 
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