Monday, April 10, 2017

THE PROPHECY PORTAL:  He's Got Your Number!

It has been Satan's intensions from the beginning that he knows all about us! He is second only to God in his unique ability to read us inside and out.

In a classic novel it was written "Big Brother is watching you." In other words the author knew all about those with whom he was dealing. He sees us as we are!

In God's word there is a prediction that in the end of the age Satan would implant a mark in every man and woman who paid him allegiance. It would be the mark of a man KKK! Any provision for food, drink and commerce would be provided for by the virtue of identifying mark!

Currently we are identified by our social security and driver's license. Recently DNA became a substantial identifying marks!

Now there is the treat of a microchip implant under the skin. Approved by the food and drug administration for as in humans it can tell doctor of medical conditions prevailing and buy a round of golf at the local club!

The size of a long grain of rice it can be implanted anywhere in the body but mainly in the triceps! It contains a 16 digit ID linking the recipient to a secure computer base!

Watch out we are in the end of the age and "big brother is watching you!"

In Jesus;
W. Scott Lockard

© 2008 Pastor Lockard's Living on the Bright Side Ministries

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